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Sales Quality Research Group is always on the lookout for people with keen observation skills.  Mystery Shopping, sometimes referred to as Secret Shopping, is an exciting and important field of work.  We contract with everyday people from all walks of life to meet the research needs of our clients across the country.  One of the best things about being a mystery shopper is that you work as an independent contractor, so you get to choose the work that interests you the most.

How it works...

Sales Quality Research Group has specialized in research for financial institutions for 25 years.   Our independent shoppers pose as potential customers to inquire about products and services at banks, credit unions, and brokerage firms.  Shoppers who partner with us are independent contractors who typically visit our clients’ locations anonymously, then provide feedback on their experiences.  After completing an in-person (or telephone) visit, the shopper fills out an online survey form that is reviewed and passed on to our client.  Our clients rely on this feedback, which is vital to the success of their businesses.

There are typically NO out-of-pocket expenses (you will not have to buy anything to complete the job) and there is NEVER a fee to get started.

What it takes to qualify for our projects.

Shoppers provide valuable information that enables our clients to identify and reward the best of their employees and correct operational challenges.  The best Mystery Shoppers are observant, reliable and thorough.  Sales Quality Research Group is looking for conscientious people with strong attention to detail to conduct mystery shops.  Shoppers must have the ability to write clearly.

You will be asked to write about the interaction you had with an employee immediately following the visit (or telephone call).  We will provide you with an outline of points to write about, so that you can be thorough.

Compensation for your work.

Compensation for a mystery shop will vary depending on a variety of factors, including the complexity of the work, length of the shop and amount of detail required to properly write up the shop report.  Sales Quality Research Group will provide shoppers with a complete set of client specifications and details of the compensation package in advance of every project.  As an independent contractor, you’ll have the opportunity to accept or decline any work available in your area.

If you are interested in learning more about financial services and making some money along the way, then we encourage you to register with us to become an Independent Contractor Researcher.

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