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Kehrer-Bielan Research & Consulting

Kehrer-Bielan Research & Consulting is the leading provider of information and consulting services on financial institutions as financial services stores.  The firm's original studies of sales penetration, profitability, compensation, and compliance have helped many banks, savings associations, and credit  unions benchmark their investment sales program performance and understand the key drivers of success.

The Educated Banker

The Educated Banker offers banks and credit unions an extremely cost-effective way to make comprehensive financial literacy training a key part of their culture. The Educated Banker's self-paced, interactive, online learning system provides a highly effective way to assess, educate and certify mastery of personal finance and investment fundamentals for all employees.

WestGroup Research

WestGroup Research is a full service market research company headquartered in Phoenix,  Arizona.  As Arizona's original and largest research firm, they have a proud history of working with most key government and corporate entities in Arizona since 1959.  During the past 20 years, they have become the Southwest’s largest full service market research firm, serving clients across the nation.

The Educated Investor

The Educated Investor, together with its publisher Precision Information, LLC, is a leading provider of interactive financial education products to financial services firms and individual investors.  Precision Investment's customers benefit from the company's proprietary database of more than 8000 articles, tutorials, definitions, and quiz questions.  The company  has been successful in providing financial educational experiences to  millions of people worldwide, and over 200 financial service firms.

Independent Mystery Shopper's Coalition (IMSC)

The IMSC is a mystery shopper support organization committed to the success of their members whether they are a company owner, scheduler, shopper or editor.  The mission of the IMSC is to raise the bar on the mystery shopping industry and provides a place to share mystery shopping experiences, encouragement, helpful dialogue concerning mystery shopping opportunities and outcomes, and helpful resources.

Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA)

The MSPA is a global association of companies united as a common body for the purpose of strengthening the mystery shopping industry through combined efforts and actions.  It is the goal of the membership to improve and stimulate the acceptance, performance, reputation and use of mystery shopping services.